Living with the otter's new normal

Gosh it has been too long since I last posted. A lot has happened since I wrote. One of the sisters went Alpha and fought her sister for territory. It was a disaster and they really tore each other up. We had to get a vet out here to treat them and I was worried sick. It got so bad that we had to build a temporary enclosure for the new Alpha female Oshka until we could build a permanent enclosure. It has been two years now and we kept thinking that they would kiss and makeup but that hasn't happened yet. We now have to take them on walks separately. Twice the work. But I committed myself to give them the best life I can since the releases failed.

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We now take our small dogs out with them, as they do like to have their company.
So that they don't get lonely, we allow the otters out during the day but in intervals and never at the same time.
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Many more videos on my Youtube channel