Otters 2 Weeks-Old-Baby Album

Rescued otter pups in Palawan
To look at them it's such an AWWWWW moment, isn't it?
Well, don't try to care for them because you won't get
much sleep for two and a half months! Their puppy
formula with other things cost quite costly.
The otters have gotten so big that they are out of their cuddly phase, becoming more self-sufficient and independent, which is what we want for them. I cannot but wax nostalgic on seeing the photos of them when they were wee babies, squeaking and wriggling in a sack.

They had a very pungent odor I had never smelled before, and I was a bit taken aback at the first whiff. But upon casting my eyes on their little fluffiness, my heartstrings tugged at me and won over my nose. They were so small they fit in my hand. Deaf and blind they were, just as puppy dogs or kittens are. They had the softest fur. It's almost indescribably soft. Like angel kisses. A comforting soft, like something I knew as a child and remembered suddenly, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Seeing them so defenseless, with paws and fur as soft as baby's breath, made my heart melt. Even though it was
a lot of work, seeing them thrive gave me such great joy.

They were cute, but they needed to be bottle-fed every 2 to 3 hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for two and a half months!

All they did was look cute, sleep, then start squeaking when hungry, then sleep some more, and the last thing you wanted to do was to wake 3 hungry otters. This wasn't the cuddly phase yet! Juggling three bottles was no small task with each one squirming and squealing. They had to be toileted at every feeding, which meant wiping their genitals and butt to stimulate, well you know, peeing and pooing! Otters pee and poo at the same time and it's called  "spraint", which now I understand. They spray, squirt,  pee, and a thick poo, the smell of which, I can't even begin to describe. Ugh. It wasn't a pleasant chore I can tell you.
How can one not love the sweet faces!
For two and a half months our assistant, Jhun Solis, took turns with me to stay up 24 hours a day in shifts to feed and toilet them! They couldn't see or hear us, but they could smell us when we got near and they would give that special sound to be fed. If you play the video below, you can hear them. We wrote down how much milk they took, how much they weighed etc.  Sleep was a stranger to us then. They blindly stumbled about squeaking when awake; clumsy little balls of fur. If we moved, they could smell the direction and would move towards us.

They were always touching each other in their sleep. For two and a half months this is what I saw when we weren't bottle feeding them. One on top of the other all akimbo! constantly moving, and crawling over one another in their sleep.
When they were full, they would simply stop drinking. Usually falling asleep into a stupor.
We had to be very careful when feeding them. Making sure our hands were clean. The otters are susceptible to dog and cat diseases, so all of our pets were vaccinated in order for them not to get anything to pass on to the pups.

The pups make very high pitched sounds, like bird chirps. They have at least 12 different sounds they make to communicate with one another.

Now that they are big, I look back upon this time with great affection, and looking at the photos again makes me feel all warm and fuzzy all over again.

You can listen to the squeaky Lil guys by playing this video. At this age, they sound more like squeaky toys. Don't forget to like the video if you watch it on to spread awareness about the otters of Palawan. Most people don't even know we have otters in Palawan! Watch in HD for a clearer view of the cutest critters on earth, baby small-clawed otters!

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