With the Covid-19 restrictions on where teens can go, we are lucky there is a local native beach resort within 10 minutes from our house to take my 13 year old daughter to. It would even be less time if it was a good road! The bumpy and in rainy season, muddy road, is to worth the trip. They also serve food and beverages so we don't have to pack a snack or lunch since it is a handful when we get there. It's usually me and my daughter, and 3 other people to carry the 2 pups, and the otter in a carry cage and manage the creatures when we get there! I'm 73 this year and unable to chase after each of them as I once could in younger days. Having a teen daughter is very nice as she is so helpful and good with the animals having been raised with them since infancy both ways!

You can view more videos of the rescued otters, from tiny babies till now on my Youtube channel at:

💖Check out my teen daughters' Channel called My Palawan Life. She loves nature too! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQtxC3G2hI7g3Az_iX9RSw

I've  also put together a few videos here of the cuter and sweet moments as snippets of last week or so of our daily lives with the otters.

This video is of Oshka seeming to do the Latin shuffle but this is how she dries herself off. Most otters do this, but not like this with one arm out.

The video of Uma on the grass on her back is after a long walk and she was chilling while rubbing her belly and the child along the walk started to rub her belly also.