Otter enrichment and family fun

April- 2016 - With the creek dried up, we are "forced"  to take the otters on the banca out into Turtle bay with us when we go out. It's good for their enrichment activities. These otters were rescued as blind and deaf pups, as all otters are born that way. I don't recommend them as pets. Asian small-clawed otters mate for life and if their clan is separated, it is very stressful on them and they are used to being with at least 10 siblings and their parents for up to 10 years.

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The otters will not go off the boat in the deeper waters. But will play around and on the ladder. This one wound up on the steering wheel, just hung out there.

Rather than be cooped up in their enclosure, we take them with us on the banca. They were rescued when just a week old. We are their furless family. They are sisters.

Otter at the helm. Where do we go now?

I thought you said you brought a snack?
The otters are happy to hang out on the boat while we snorkel in the clear green sea.

We brought the paddle boat so the kids could ride around in it and the otters went along for the ride. Always peering over the edge but not willing to jump in.  Hard to see, but one of the otters is hanging over the edge at the top left of the canoe.
This is not a normal environment for Asian small-clawed otters, but rather than leave them at home in the enclosure. We bring them along on the boat. We do dock in the mangroves when we can so they can catch crabs.
Beautiful Binunsalian bay, just at the neck of Turtle bay.

One otter taking a nap while the other in back top right checking out the water bottle.
This is what lies under the boat! I wonder what the otters would do if they saw this clam!!