Otter Videos

💖Otter Uma out with dog besties Cassie the pug and Nikita the dachshund at the beach.
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This isn't an otter video. But the otters were on the boat with us and they loved it.

April 2016 otter outing.

Our rescued otters are confident now and love going out on cruises to swim and forage.

Young otters kill a snake. I discovered this after the fact. Their helper filmed it and gave it to me afterwards. I felt bad for the snake, it wasn't poisonous, but they were following their instincts.

This is the first time the otters swam out as far as us in the sea cove without freaking out. This day they swam with great fun and confidence!

Guaranteed to make your day. You will have as much fun as the young otter pups

Otters out for their first walk to our creek.

Still very clumsy but otterly adorable baby otters!

Otters swimming underwater on a day out with the family and friends at the tidal pools and mangroves.

Lucy, our puppy, playing the the otter pups! Here's a stick! Can't have it!