Otter outing Aug-28-2014

For my 66th birthday, I wanted to take the otters out for a swim, but it just didn't work out. So today, the day after, we set off to their favorite cove. This is the first day after many jaunts to this cove that they swam much further out with no fear. Each time we take them out they get more confidence! The main diet of these otters are crabs, shellfish, mud skipper fish, snails, small frogs and the occasional small lizard.

Water is not the natural habitat for small clawed otters. They mainly live beside the water, like rivers, mangroves and marshes, but we cannot take them to the dense mangrove forests here since it is too dense to follow them in there.

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Otter Omar under water! They can hold their breath up to 2 minutes now.
A video of them underwater in the mangroves.

Otter is holding a crab in his hands above the water and walking in the water with it.

Me and my daughter enjoying the water too.
Otter looking for crabs.
Under water, otters are like gymnasts! Or ballerinas!

Oscar got a crab!

Omar front, Oscar rear

Trying to hold on to the crab.

They come on the boat to be dried off!

After swimming the otters want to be dried of. After they have gotten all the towels wet, they go back in the water. Hence no more dry towels for the trip back home.
Take a virtual swim with the otters as they enjoy the first time they were bold enough to swim out to us in deeper waters without fear. They can hold their breath for over 3 minutes now. Please share this blog and video to raise awareness about the otters of Palawan. We cannot protect that which people know nothing about!

Please listen to this original song by composer/pianist/singer Tony Pollard on iTunes. If you buy it 99% of all funds will go to feeding the otters and for their caretaker. Many thanks. Click HERE to go to the iTunes link. You can also listen to it for free.