Thursday, June 18, 2015


The bay where the otters are from is under threat by a large development which will affect their food chain, and the rest of the delicate ecosystem therein.

In the meantime, we take the orphaned Asian small clawed otters out for exercise, and to forage in the bay, until they are released. After about two hours, they jump back in the boat, and are ready to go back home for a nap.

Aonyx cinereus
If the ocean park gets built at Turtle bay, we will not be able to release them back from whence they came.
Aonyx cinereus
Orphaned female Asian small clawed otter looking for something to eat.
This is how an otter puts on the brake!! 
Aonyx cinerea
Asc otter feeling under a rock for a crab.

Aonyx cinerea
The otters can hold their breath under water now for up to 3 minutes.

Aonyx cinerea
Otter looking to catch some fish.

Nocturnal - vulnerable

Here is the video of the otters swimming in the mangrove cove.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Otters versus snake

While out foraging for food, the otters encountered a non venomous snake. Their surrogate dad was filming. These shots were grabbed from his low end video camera which is why they are so low quality but you can see bit's of the interaction none-the-less. In the end the snake lost.

I think they were lucky it was not a King cobra as I am not sure they are experienced enough yet to tackle on and plus we have spitting cobras and they might have gotten poison in their eyes and perished from the encounter.

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Here is the actual video the stills were taken from.