Saturday, July 26, 2014

Otters swim date

We took the otters out to swim at one of their favorite spots. We had a new pump boat aka banca as it's known here. They seem to really like it and almost spent more time examining every nook and cranny of it till we kicked them off!

Omar likes to turn onto his back and relax once he knows we are on the way to one of his favorite spots to swim and look for crabs. Oscar is the pup on the left, it takes him longer to chill out.
One of the pups is very excited about getting off the boat and dive back into the water.
For some reason, they clung fairly close to the boat this day. I guess it gives them a sense of security.
The otters saw us using the ladder to get off the boat so they followed suit.
If there is even a bit of ripple on of the water on shore, they get scared mighty quick.
Otter pup posing for the camera!
The eyes might be looking one way, but the paws are always feeling for holes in the sand or rocks.
Here is a short video of this outing with these orphaned Asian small clawed otters out on the boat to be taken to swim and find crabs and such.