2 Otters and 2 puppies in a creek! What fun.

Our two rescued otters with our two canine puppies. The otters have been raised to be released, but after two failures, they are too human bonded to safely release now. But they have a lot of freedom to roam our 5 acres/2 hectares during the day and swim in sea coves and mangroves when the weather is good. These are Asian small-clawed otters who mate for life. These otters' mom was killed and we have raised them since they were only a week old. They are sisters. They are very expensive to feed so viewing my ads really helps me a lot as I get income from the clicks and views. They each eat 1 kilo or 2 1/4 pounds of raw crabs and fish per day. Thanks for your support. Unlike pet otters you see on Facebook, they will not eat dog food pellets. We feed them their natural diet of crabs and fish. When we can, we take them foraging on their own for crabs, but the weather is not always permitting. Their habitats are slowly being taken over by developments. Many are poached as pets leaving infants to die as they are very difficult to nurse.