Mischievous Otters

We let the otters out of their enclosure every day to get exercise and explore. They just get into everything and you have to watch they don't hurt themselves with out human things.

Here they are being silly and getting into just about everything. This is just in one hour a few mornings ago. I have never seen an creature as nosy as otters, and as able to get at anything as well. Their paws are not fully webbed, which gives them great gripping power. Small clawed otters are a tactile species. Even when looking some where else, their paws and arms could be halfway in a crack or any hole.

Don't leave your sneakers or slippers out. They will stick their fish smelly faces into them, then
turn around and run off with your slippers.
At the suggestion of my otter mentor, Lesley Wright of http://otter.org, I cut some holes into 1.5 liter plastic bottles and stuck their fish in it. It made it more fun and interesting for them to eat.
Here is one of the otters trying the backward stroke since the forward stroke didn't seem to work.

Here they are with each their own bottle. Otters do tend to team up though.
Eventually the otters did team up and one held the bottle, while the other reached in and
got the fish!
Here is one of the boys getting into our sports bucket. Tsk Tsk.

Jumping into a bucket meant to wash down our electric trike! They kept muddying the water,
so when we washed the etrike, it just got worse until we put them away.

One otter boy found a frog, who decided he would be safe somewhere inside the motorbike. It
worked. Otter boy got bored and went off to get into something else.
Otter boy trying to open the etrike door by wedging his hand under it. 

Otters will jump into anything with water. Even given a bigger bucket, if one goes into a smaller
one, they will both start vying for it. Squeezed in as they are, they love it.
"What's it gots in its pocketses??"
"I think I otter have a look."
Please listen to this original song by composer/pianist/singer Tony Pollard on iTunes. If you buy it 99% of all funds will go to feeding the otters and for their caretaker. Many thanks. Click HERE to go to the iTunes link. You can also listen to it for free.